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Sarah's  Home Page  Our Travels to Amish Country Crafters and Great Places
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A friend provided the wonderful Black Squirrel Picture....Thanks to Dan....If you have missed the Season then Try to make it over to one of the Beautiful Amish Areas soon.  Many places we have here are in Ohio but many more Areas such as in Indiana,Pennsylvania and even more remote will be written about in the Future....with warm Friendship and a big Hug.... Thank you.....Sarah
Comforters, Quilts, Coverlets, Afghans, Shawls  Amish women are well known for their Quilting Skills. They are Beautiful and many colors.......Sarah  
1black squirrels by Dan Rieskamp
Write or Pick up a Visitor's Guide from Holmes County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau. 330-674-3975 Millersburg,Ohio
Some People find Savings at
The Killbuck Savings Bank Co.   Serving You Better
Yoder's Amish Home Open Apr to Oct  Located in Millersburg, Ohio Have a Buggy Ride and Excellent Bakery Goods A wonderful Tour
Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center  Located in Berlin, Ohio
The Barn Inn is a wonderful Place to Relax and make that Connection with your loved ones.
A simple Bed and Breakfast in Millersburg

Here is a link to their Calendar for many Local Amish Events in Holmes and Surrounding Counties

In Dover Ohio they have Wood Carving and Quality Knives made at Warthers are some of the Worlds Best...See them Made
We were amazed at the Wood Carving.  They provide a Theatre Presentation which of interest for most People.   The Carvings of the Trains are so meticulous and the Pliers made from Wood are just Beyond Imagination.  ........Sarah
In Millersburg you can find Kauffman's Country Bakery and General Store.
Not only do they have everything in there name but they have an Ice Cream stand as well.   Most everything we tried was very,very Delicious.  It is right across the street from Heine's.  When we stopped in we saw several Amish Families in Buggies as it was Sunday......Jakob

Hearthside Quilt Shoppe

13110 Emerson Rd .,  Kidron / 330-857-4004

Mon-Sat  9:30AM - 5PM  /

Visit one of Ohio's finest quilt shops featuring Amish and Mennonite handmade quilts and wall hangings. Large selection of designer fabrics, yarns, quilting and knitting books, patterns and supplies. Classes weekly!

Visit this Neat little Shop:

     I had an old quilt my Grandmother made for me and it was so comfy.  It was just patchwork and nothing fancy but she worked it on her hands for me.   I lost that quilt somewhere but I have the memory....Jakob

Gramma Fannie's Quilt Barn
4363 SR 39
Berlin, OH 44610
T: 330-893-3243

Jakob and I want to go up and visit some other Quilt makers...  He wants to replace that old Quilt his Grandmother sewed for him and I can always find something a Girl needs.....Sarah

Heini's Cheese Chalet & Country Mall

Millersburg / 330-893-2131 /

Mon-Sat HAM - 5PM / Summer/Fall hours: Mon~Sat 8AM 6PM    Free Factory tours. Sample more than 50 cheeses: view cheese making.   Amish foods, smoked meats, homemade fudge, custom gift packages. Shop Heritage

When we went in here they were busy, busy making cheese I think there Swiss.  Nothing is wasted nothing weird added...All the Amish guys were wearing their Beard Covers and Booties.  It is all behind Glass all scrubby scrub and Spotlessly.  Oh there just like men making a BIG mess and all,don't get me wrong but all cleaned up when they are done. This is heavy work and I saw no other women working at making the cheese.  There were so many pretty fresh scrubbed happy faces just eager to Help us it was Fun......Jakob and his friend were big piggies and ate a TON of Cheese Baloney and Pickles.  We loved many of the treats they have there too........Sarah

Miller's Bakery

Delicious homemade baked goods! Pastries, cookies, cheese tarts, homemade candies, fry pies, fruits pies, crafts, and lots more!

Spend a night at a beautiful, rustic log cabin at Countryside Camper’s Paradise. Open 7am-5pm. Handicap accessible.

Katherine Miller 330-893-3002

4280 TR 356, Millersburg, OH, 44654

Finding Your Way Around
If you want the best out of your trip take your GPS with you.  If you have the Knack for it or several visits you may not need it.  They amazed me how they could tell right little gravel road from left in a three way spot in the Road.  
Another great Low tech but Good way is with a map called Amish Highway and By Ways.
We found the Combination of the two as well as Street Smarts put us where we wanted to go all the Time.....and Fun Too. Jakob
The Barn Inn can be found at:
GPS N 40° 34.345   W 081° 52.156

The GPS and map of other places has been put down in a free Downloadable Format. With your name and email or fill out the entire guest register we will let you download the Holmes County Map and Visitors Guide available now 24 hours a day or night.  This is a wonderful item produced by the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau...Jakob
Do the Amish Dance? I found several sources for this answer......Sarah
Can't Find your Favorite Shop or place Here or on other Web Sites email me at Can't Find
Thanks very much for reading our website.... Please Come Back.   We love doing it....Sarah and Jakob
We will have a link to our Blog here soon........
There are many items that are made we never think of as being Amish made.   Lately I have Noticed How Many Quality Products are actually in our Neighborhood Grocers from Amish Companies and Amish Products from all over the Country....Jakob

  • Jellies
  • Pickles
  • Peanut Butter
  • Preserves
  • Cheese
  • Leather goods
  • Hand Made Baskets
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Carriages
  • Wagons
  • Harness
  • Horse Breeding
  • Fruits Vegetables
  • Seed Crops
  • Clothing


Berlin Main St. Merchants

Berlin, the heart of Amish Country! Berlin offers an array of more than 50, restaurants, lodging, and attractions that will make your stay memorable!

PO Box 270, Berlin


Coblentz Chocolate Co.

Jason and Mary Coblentz invite you to stop in and see their grand selection of candies. They welcome you to visit the viewing gallery to hear the humming and smell the inviting aroma of warm chocolate covering homemade centers. Open Mon-Sat 9a.m.-5p.m., July-Oct 9a.m.-6p.m. Handicap accessible.

PO Box 86, 4917 SR 515, Walnut Creek

330-893-2995  or  800-338-9341

Go and Visit this place smells yummy and it is all sooooo Good.  Good for us Girls....Sarah

Our Inspiration

This page was inspired by not one but several trips to Amish Areas in Ohio, Indiana, and other areas.  However the site became a reality after one memorable trip to Amish Country in Ohio.  It was a wonderful trip and this site is dedicated to that Experience, and I would like to share that with my sister readers and their Families.

There is a wonderful Inn which was such a wonderful experience for my husband Jakob and I.  This inn was called the Barn Inn. It is located north of Millersburg.

I will be telling more about this place but you can find out about it in our Visit Section

News can be found on: News Page

A Tradition of Craftmanship from Wendell August   Find it in Berlin, Ohio at the
Ohio Amish Country Store
7007 County Road 672
Berlin, OH 44610
Telephone: 1-866-354-5192 (toll free)

Fax: 330-893-3692
Traditional Leather Waist Belts a Specialty
R.W.Leather in Sugarcreek, OH 44681
My friend and I went into this Store and they have the Real Stuff.  My belt has held up better than any I have ever Bought.  There was an Amish lady there, dressed in Traditional Amish Work Garb,who after I measured the belt to my Waist, deftly and Expertly trimmed and punched the belt blank in just an Amish Minute. They are easy to find but out of the Way.  If you are up more than a day you are up to poke around the Roads anyway.  They are sooooo... worth Finding...    We will have links soon to work on GPS....Jakob

Care N Share

You will find hundreds of locally handmade crafts, quilts, baskets, and gift items. All the items are crafted by physically challenged Amish people in Wayne and Holmes Counties. Come visit! Open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm. Handicap accessible.

Mattie Troyer 330-698-0376

10412 Dover Rd, Apple Creek, OH, 44606

Pennsylvania Has the Next Largest population of Amish.   Here is their Version of the Olde Country Store
We haven't been here yet but I hope we can travel there soon.  They have a beautiful website.....Sarah
 I was Looking around and I found this Furniture Maker in Razorback Country, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.........The Amish Collection  

I don't know if they have Amish Roots but they say they use Stains from the Woodwright Finish Store  
P.O. Box 332
9292 Winesburg Rd.
Mt. Eaton, Ohio 44659
What ever happened to Old Roy Underhill on the Woodwright's Shop Turns out he is going strong on PBS.  If you haven't been living under a rock or without TV the Woodwright's Shop is a fun place where he shuns electric tools and does all work by Hand. 
    This is something the Amish may well employ where needed.  They have both techniques and quality goods because of it.   He (Roy)has shown how everything made by handcraftsmen in mainly Wood, but Metal and Leather also, can be accomplished in not too long of a time.   He supports and Talks about Classic Williamsburg on the show.   He  was raised in Washington, DC and was the first master housewright at the Colonial Williamsburg reconstruction. Since 1979 he has been the host of the PBS series The Woodwright's Shop. As of 2004 the show was the longest-running PBS "how-to" show.    Most of the Barn stuff he has shown is right on..   He has done some Timber Framing as well.   He brings Hand Carvers and Furniture builders on the Show......  Jakob
Hey!, Sarah and I have Started to Square Dance on Thursday Nights....   What a kick!  I never thought I would enjoy it so much.   Everyone there except for 3 or so is older than I am.   It is Fun but we are getting a Work Out, Though......Jakob